Parent Training

After Children’s House staff had been successfully trained, the project continued. A training course was designed for parents who had a child with problem behaviours at home. These behaviours were:

  • noncompliance
  • obsessive behaviour (such as wanting to have a bath during the day)
  • self abusive behaviour
  • aggression (such as frequently hitting a little sister)

A protocol to analyse behaviours in the home was designed by Dr. Catherine Nelson, who also participated as the project supervisor.

Analysis of the children’s challenging behaviours revealed that none of the 5 parents involved were properly responding when their children showed initiatives. To help them become more responsive to their child's initiatives and needs, they analysed the behaviour of an adult (me) playing with two of his grandchildren (Job and Ruben, twin brothers, 2.3 years old at the time), and demonstrating the “10 commandments of good play.”

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The parents were given video recorders and, as a way to demonstrate their interactive behaviours, instructed to film themselves playing with their child at home. The recordings were mailed to me and to Cathy Nelson, and we analysed the parents’ interactions and communication with their child. Dr. Nelson and I returned to Russia at regular intervals to discuss with the parents their child’s behaviour. Strategies were suggested, practised by the parents at home, recorded, and discussed in the following session.

This training can be viewed on the CD, Training of parents of children with multiple disabilities and challenging behaviours.

Visit our webshop for information about obtaining the CD Parents. A parent program to decrease challenging behaviours .

It is currently available in Russian and will be published in English in spring 2011.

Вызывающее поведение детей с множественными пороками развития в семье. Модель воздействия для родителей. Опыт России.

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