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In my carreer I published a lot of articles in a wide variety of scientific journals and magazines. I already mentioned some of them in the previous sections, especially the section "Jan as Author".

Here I would like to provide you an extended list of all the articles I have ever published. Everyone interested in the list may download it here.

Besides all these articles I published two books.

  • Rubella Handicapped Children. The effects of bi-lateral cataract and/ord hearing impairment on behaviour and learning. Modern approaches to the diagnosis  and instruction of mult-handicapped children. I wrote this book in the context of my dissertation of 1982
  • Persons Handicapped by Rubella. Victors and Victims. A Follow-Up Study. With cooperation of Rurh Carlin and Heather Hewitt. 1991

I was able to publish 5 CD's, 2 DVD's and a book - which is accompanied by 2 DVD's - with the help of various expert collegues, from whom most are member of the Expert Team.

My CD's:

  • Charge Syndrome Revisited 2007.Charge Syndrome Revisited 2007In this product the authors explain the genetic origin of the syndrome, but they also show the different aspects of learning and behavioural of children with Charge Syndrome. The intervention is very child friendly and shows great effect over the years.
    This CD is useful for parents and educators as it provides very practical information on the upbringing of a child with Charge Syndrome.
  • Child-guided Strategies for Assessing Children. Child-guided Strategies for Assessing ChildrenThis unique CD is user-friendly and highly interactive in which Dr. Van Dijk introduces the viewer step by step in the 8 domains of assessment. These domains cover the most important aspects of learning and behaviour of children with multiple disabilties.
    If you prefer to read a Spanish description about this CD, please click here.This CD can be used by professionals whose job it is to carry out assessments. (psychologists, supervisors, but also this CD can be a great value for teachers and parents who contribute to the assessment of children with multiple disabilities.
  • Contact. Understanding of speific interaction characteristics. ContactCONTACT. Understanding of specific interaction characteristics to build up reciprocal interaction with congenital deafblind persons. In the CD CONTACT, principles and characteristics are explained and demonstrated by the interaction Model. Concepts such as contact opening, affirmation, exchange of turns, proximity, modality, intensity and affective involvement are included. The practical use of the interaction Model within the guidance protocol is described and illustrated. This CD rom has proven to be an excellent tool for training professionals to interact effectively with children with multiple disabilities. It can be assumed that parents can benefit as well from this product.
  • From Russia with Love and Care for Children with Sensory impairment and Challenging Behaviours. From Russia with Love and Care for Children with Sensory impairment and Challenging BehavioursThis CD includes an introductory course in Positive Behavioral Support, which outlines the basic principles involved in assessing challenging behaviors of children with multiple disabilities. It also includes video clips and opportunities for behavioral analysis of six children, as well as a listing of articles on challenging behaviors of children with deafblindness and other multiple disabilities.
    The content of this CD has been discussed in the section Staff training under Jan as Researcher.
    This CD rom was produced to help teacher and care givers how to deal with challenging behaviors. It has proven to be a very effective training tool for students who want to study Positive Behavioral Support.
  • Parents. A parent program to decrease challenging behaviours. Parents. A parent program to decrease challenging behavioursA group of parents (5) have been trained by Dr. J. Van Dijk and Dr. C. Nelson to analyse the child's behaviour and to induce in collaboration with the family coach an intervention program. The main principle of this CD is that in teaching the parents how to PLAY with their child effective ways for improvement of child-parent relationship can be established, which leads to decrease of behaviour problems. The CD is interactive and is produced for parents who have a (deafblind) child with challenging behaviours. This cd rom has been developed for and together with parents. It shows how by means of play a positive relationship can be established with a child with multiple disabilities. We recommend this cd roms also for para-professionals e.g. occupational therapists, play therapists and physical therapists.

My DVD's:

  • Let's talk Limbic. The role of the emotional brain in the well being of persons with multiple sensory impairment. Let's talk LimbicThis dvd is on a major part of the human emotional brain, the 'Limbic System'. With very clear clips the authors show how sensory deprivation effects the person's emotional well being. The authors explain in clear wordings which part of the Limbic System is involved in a particular behaviour e.g. attachment, anxiety and stress. Clear examples are given of effective intervention by parents and significant others. The role of mirror neurons is demonstrated in 'the resonance phenomenon' and as a precursor for imitation. This DVD is for the professional e.g. (supervising) teacher, program coordinator, psychologists and para-professionals who want to understand the deep emotional motives of a person with multiple sensory impairment.
  • Sensory Perspectives. Sensory PerspectivesThis excellent interactive 2-disk DVD set addresses sensory loss related to deafness, blindness, and deafblindness. The program includes information on sensory loss and simulations of different types of hearing, vision, and combined vision and hearing losses.
    This DVD is used extensively in training programs for demonstrating what it means to be 'deafblind'.
    This double DVD is unique in its kind. It provides the viewer with excellent (interactive) simulations of different degrees of sensory impairment. It has proven to be an excellent aid in helping people to understand the different degrees of (multiple) sensory impairment. Highly recommended for Staff training and public relations.

My Manual with double DVD:

  • Child Guided Strategies: The van Dijk Approach to Assessment Charge Syndrome Revisited 2007The manual and double DVD contains the guiding principle and guidelines to conduct an assessment following the Van Dijk approach. One DVD is a demonstration DVD which shows the assessment of 3 children with multiple sensory impairment. The other DVD contains the Guidbook and the electronic forms, which are used in the assessment.
    This manual can be used by professionals whose job it is to carry out assessments (psychologists, supervisors, etc.) but this manual can also be a great value for teachers and parents who contribute to the assessment of children with multiple disabilities.
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