Jan as Consultant

I will include some of  the comments I receive on my work as consultant on this website.

In March of 2010 I worked in Washington DC. Here is the only Liberal Arts University situated for DEAF persons in the world, called Gallaudet College. This University included many departments, including a section for children with multiple impairment. I assessed a number of children, while colleagues were watching. One of them wrote on the Gallaudet website the following article:

Dual Sensory Loss Expert Dr. Jan Van Dijk Visits KDES Parent Infant Program (PIP) Image:

Jan assessing a childDuring the week of March 8-12, the Parent Infant Program (PIP) at the Kendall Demonstration Elementary School (KDES) had the pleasure of collaborating with Dr. Jan VanDijk and Connections Beyond Sight and Sound (CBSS). An internationally recognized expert in the field of assessment and programming for children with dual sensory impairments, VanDijk has over thirty years experience in the field. VanDijk came to assess five young children who are deaf or hard of hearing with visual impairments and to offer suggestions for programming support. He visited the United States from The Netherlands as a part of his collaboration with CBSS.

During his visit, VanDijk shared a wealth of information on latest techniques, strategies, and research in the field of dual sensory impairment. PIP, which serves deaf and hard of hearing children from infancy through age 2, has established a new working partnership with CBSS in order to best serve the five young children with dual sensory impairments. According to PIP teacher Debra Cushner, "We all benefit any time we have the opportunity to collaborate directly with an expert in the field, like Dr. VanDijk. He did a wonderful job of connecting with our PIP children and providing valuable information and support for their families and our service providers."

After spending some time on my web site, you can see that for 50 years I have been intensively involved in many areas of the education and management of people with deafblindness, or with other multiple disabilities.

Perhaps the most important part of my advisory work is lecturing to professionals about the ways I have tried to improve the quality of these people’s lives. As a lecturer, my resources are both theoretical and practical.

Evaluation clearly shows that my audiences always appreciate these qualities. My work as an assessor of children and adults attracts a lot of attention from professionals all over the world. Also, I am always quite happy to assess children in the presence of their principal caregivers, and - when appropriate - in the midst of an audience (even a large audience!). I think this is a unique way to show the sometimes unexpected possibilities of a person being assessed.

If you, or your organization, are interested in my services as a lecturer or assessor (or both), feel free to contact me.


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