Child Guided Strategies: The van Dijk Approach to Assessment

The Book and double DVD contains the guiding principle and guidelines to conduct an assessment following the Van Dijk approach
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Child-guided Strategies: The Van Dijk Approach to Assessment

This easy-to-use guidebook/manual describes step by step the 'Child-Guided Strategies: The Van Dijk Approach to Assessment'. Together with the manual come 2 dvd's.

One is a demonstration dvd which shows the assessment of 3 children (baby, a young child, and a teenager) with multiple sensory impairment. The other dvd contains the Guidbook and the electronic forms, which are used in the assessment. Recent research has proven that the manual is a valid and reliable instrument for bringing out the best of the child to the surface.

The Van Dijk assessment is unique as it follows the lead of the individual learner. Critical to the process is the recognition that assessement and intervention must always occur hand in glove and that meaningful assessment guides intervention.

This product contains the guiding principle and guidelines to conduct an assessment that follows the Van Dijk approach.

This manual can be used by professionals whose job it is to carry out assessments (psychologists, supervisors, etc.) but this manual can also be a great value for teachers and parents who contribute to the assessment of children with multiple disabilities.


  • Behavioral State
  • Orienting Response
  • Learning Channels
  • Approach-Withdrawal
  • Memory
  • Social Interactions
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving


  • Large Print Guidebook
  • Accessible DVD with electronic assessment forms
  • Second DVD


  • Dr. Jan van Dijk,  Emeritus Professor Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • Dr. Catherine Nelson. The University of Utah, USA
  • Arno de Kort, MD, College for Nursing, Tilburg. The Netherlands
  • Teresa Oster MEd
  • Dr. Andrea McDonnell


  • English for Windows

For persons in the USA this CD can be ordered through the American Printing House of the Blind by using this website.