Friday, 24 December 2010 10:13

US trip October 2010

During the month of October 2010 I have presented seminars at four different places in the USA.

I started at my Alma Mater, Perkins School for the Blind, In Watertown, Mass. The second seminar took place in Jackson, Mississippi. This was followed by a two day seminar in Lubbock, Texas Tech and finally I was the guest speaker for DBmat, the Texas organization of parents of children with multiple disabilities.

I started my trip with a webcast at Perkins School for the Blind. The interviewer was well prepared for the session and addressed mainly the subjects I dealt with in my latest DVD on the Limbic system (see webshop: Let's talk Limbic).

The web cast can be viewed shortly at the special page at Perkins web site:

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Wednesday, 07 April 2010 09:53

Intellectual Disabilities and Deafblindness

For many years I have cooperated with a team of experts on deafness and deafblindness, at the Health Center of the Hospital of St. John of God, in Linz (Upper Austria), under the leadership of Dr. Johannes Fellinger. The Board of Directors of an Institution of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities asked the team to investigate whether:

  • “unidentified” people with deafblindness were in the Institution
  • people with deafblindness could be distinctly categorized
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Sunday, 04 April 2010 22:03

Congenital Rubella Syndrome 2

Fourteen years after the first Australian research project, 17 deafblind children from Project I, as well as 23 from the “deaf only” sample, were reassessed. The purpose of this follow up research was to determine if the tests administered during Project I were still predictive of a child’s learning and behaviour fourteen year later. In other words, how did the deafblind group and the “deaf only” group develop?

The outcome of the study was quite surprising. It was found that a test of learning potential at age 5, using the Hiskey Nebraska Test of Learning Aptitude, was a good predictor of learning achievement during school age.

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