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NY Times

New York Times

In the following article, published June 19th, 2010, in the Education section of the New York Times, the reporter describes a young man with severe multiple disabilities who is being taught in an inclusive setting.

Donovan is in a regular classroom, and his educational program follows the same curriculum as his non-disabled classmates. Donovan is a typical example of this web site’s target population, and of my work. I read here for the first time that there are 132,000 students like Donovan in the United States. These are people who, in the past, would have lived their entire lives in institutions.

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Parent Training

After Children’s House staff had been successfully trained, the project continued. A training course was designed for parents who had a child with problem behaviours at home. These behaviours were:

  • noncompliance
  • obsessive behaviour (such as wanting to have a bath during the day)
  • self abusive behaviour
  • aggression (such as frequently hitting a little sister)
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Staff Training

Many children with deafblindness have "challenging" behaviours. At Children’s House, some of the deafblind children persistently engaged in:

  • biting or scratching their own bodies
  • tearing clothes
  • destroying objects
  • acting aggressively toward other children and adults
  • screaming for prolonged periods of time
  • behaving “noncompliantly” (e.g. refusing to get out of bed or leave their room when asked)
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Challenging Behaviours

The Dutch Ministry of Education was approached by the Director of Children’s House in Sergiev Posad, the Russian Federation, who requested assistance with the behaviour problems of some of their students. I was invited to Children’s House as a consultant, to teach staff how to address problem behaviours. I visited Children’s House regularly from 2000 to 2008.

Intervention strategies designed to extinguish students’ inappropriate behaviours were developed with my Russian colleagues (Part A of the Project). Staff training and treatment of the children continued for six years. In the Project’s two final years, the strategies developed during Part A were adapted for parent training (Part B of the Project).

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