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Van Dijk Curriculum

Journal of Visual Impairment & Deafblindness"Teaching strategies of the Van Dijk Curricular Approach" by Dr. Stephanie MacFarland reprinted:

The Journal of Visual Impairment and  Blindness has started a series of articles which were published in the Journal 10-20 years ago and which are still to be considered important contribution to the field of Blindness and Deafblindness. An authority in the field recommends such a publication and comments on it under the title : This mattered to me.

In the July 2010 Volume of JVIB Dr. Rosanne Silberman (one of our panel members) discusses the article. Stephanie Z.C MacFarland (also a panel member) published in 1995 on Teaching Strategies of the van Dijk curricular approach.

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