Determining the most Favourable Situation

It is a well-known fact that this population is very sensitive to change and to unfamiliar environments. Observing and assessing in the most favourable environment gives a child the opportunity to demonstrate his/her greatest potential.

It might be at home, in the classroom, or even in father’s tool shed, when this is a safe and secure place for the child!! If this is not possible, the parents or teacher send me a video of the child in this favourable environment, which I study and analyse prior to my appointment.

Wherever the assessment takes place, it is an absolute condition for the assessment’s reliability that the child be accompanied by someone with whom he/she has a solid bond. It may be a parent or grandparent, a sister or brother, the child’s teacher, etc.

I always include this person in my assessment process, particularly when a child is anxious about “the stranger.” This trustworthy person’s lap is often a safe harbour for the child, from where he/she is invited to share activities with me.

In the following video clip of Landon, you can see how he sits comfortably next to his mother. Both of his teachers are present, as well as his grandfather.

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To help a child be as relaxed as possible, I always ask that his/her favourite toy(s) be brought to the assessment.

It’s important to schedule and conduct the assessment at a time when the child is most alert.

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