By observing these video clips, you can see how assessment leads directly to intervention. Both are closely interwoven.

We now know about Landon’s close relationship with his mother, and how this should be fostered. We also know how Matthew can be helped to overcome his anxiety and Andre his social withdrawal. Assessment has clarified that Iris is ready for formal communication, and how she can be helped to solve small problems.

My colleague, and consultant to this web site, Dr. Cathy Nelson, has shown how our child-centred natural approach to assessment can be learned in a rather short period of time by professionals and college students, and also by parents.

In the next section of this website you can learn more about the theorie of assessment by watching two series of interesting webcasts, which I publisshed in collaboration with Perkins. Go to: webcasts.

You can watch both webcasts directly on this website via the next links:

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